'Green Lantern' Star Ryan Reynolds Talks Sequel Possibilities

'The first one has got to land and people have got to see it and have to have that appetite for a sequel,' he tells MTV News.

Aside from the buzz about Ryan Reynolds' claustrophobia-inducing performance in the upcoming thriller "Buried" — for which Reynolds filmed all his scenes within the confines of a wooden coffin — the news about the actor has been almost entirely focused on his superheroic efforts in "Wolverine," a possible Deadpool spin-off and "Green Lantern."

When MTV News caught up with him recently, we couldn't help but ask about possible "Lantern" sequels, as well as which comic book authors he found most helpful in getting into the character of Hal Jordan.

"It's a pretty big universe; there's a lot to explore," Reynolds said of the "Green Lantern" sequel possibilities. "There's a lot to explore with Hal, then without him. You could do a couple movies with Hal and then move on to Guy Gardner or Kyle Rayner or any of those guys."

More "Lantern" without Hal Jordan — and Reynolds? Surely the busy actor isn't ready to give up his ring that quickly.

"Look, I'm saying in success, let's not put the cart before the horse," Reynolds said, emphasizing the fact that the first movie has to come out and be a hit before he can start talking about sequels. "In success, you do another movie, you do two, great. I think [the idea of two sequels] is fantastic, but the first one has got to land and people have got to see it and have to have that appetite for a sequel."

Fair enough. Regarding his go-to source for "Lantern" research, Reynolds cited famed DC writer/ current Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns.

"Geoff Johns is it," Reynolds said. "His 'Secret Origins' book was the one I kind of used as the bible for this. It's an easy thing to reference, because it's an origin story as well. That was the one I sort of stuck to."

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