'Fringe' Star Joshua Jackson Promises A 'Horrible Twist'

'It'll still keep you on the edge of your seat,' the actor says of focus turning to other dimensions in season-three.

Things are a bit of a mess for the characters on "Fringe," even if they're not fully aware of the extent of it. This rings especially true for the show's leading lady, Olivia Dunham (the incomparable Anna Torv), who is currently imprisoned in another dimension waiting to be saved by her pals. The catch is that her fellow investigators don't realize it yet, mostly because her doppelganger is operating in this world.

So, what does that mean for the fate of the much-anticipated Peter-Olivia romance as season three kicks off Thursday night (September 23)? Well, Joshua Jackson, who stars as Peter, explained the story line to MTV News.

"It takes a pretty horrible twist given where she ended up at the end of season two; the other dimension, they just don't care for their people over there," he joked. "So I think the relationship that plays itself out won't be the Olivia relationship. It'll be the "Otherlivia" relationship, but it'll still keep you on the edge of your seat. [The Otherlivia], she's kind of more of an extrovert, you might say."

But don't expect Peter to rush over and save Olivia in episode one, Jackson warns. "I think they're going to play out the alternate universe thing for as long as they can since it's such a cool idea," he explained. "And then, of course, at some point, we'll have to go get our girl back. But I'm not sure when that'll be."

"Fringe" fans discovered last season that Peter has a mother on the other side. Jackson said that fact may make the dimension seem a bit intriguing for his character; the same goes for Olivia who, like Peter, lost her mom in the real dimension but has one in the alternate realm. Otherlivia also has a boyfriend, however, and Olivia might not be ready to jump back to the real dimension with a romance unfolding, unless of course Peter comes calling.

"For her, it's this sort of mindbender over there," Jackson said of Olivia. "She's living a decent life and her mom's still alive ... so there are a lot of things to entice her."

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