Nicki Minaj Says Lil Wayne Is 'Focused' In Prison

MC talks Weezy, Justin Bieber, more in interview with Funkmaster Flex.

November will be an important month for [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist]. During that month, the Young Money darling will drop her debut album Pink Friday and celebrate [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne's[/artist] release from jail. In an interview with Funkmaster Flex, the Harajuku Barbie spoke about her latest visit with Weezy, the backlash to Will.I.Am's VMA outfit and a recent attempt to scam her fans.

"I went to see [Lil Wayne], like, five days ago," she told the DJ. "I was on Rikers. First of all, his birthday is coming up in a few days. He was just very focused, but he was laughing the same way. He was just making me laugh."

Minaj admitted that she forgot to thank her mentor when she revealed her album title during a live chat with fans. "He said that people were writing him in jail saying, 'We love Thank Me Later and we can't wait for Pink Friday.' So he said he was looking at the letters and was like, 'What the hell is Pink Friday?' " the rapper explained. "I didn't even tell him that [was] my album name and stuff, and he found out in jail by fans writing him letters. So he was like, 'OK, Nick, that's the name of your album,' and we were just having a great conversation."

Nicki then talked about the blowback her VMA performance partner, Will.I.Am, received for his

id="1647738">all-black outfit, which included dark makeup.

"You're talking to me. And I live for doing stuff that is super crazy and outside the box, so I loved it," she said. "People are always going to have an opinion. It's like 'Yo, let him do his thing.' I think that Will.I.Am lived on a different planet. You can't expect him to make common folk happy. Common folk ain't never happy with anything. ... They going to pick everything apart."

The Peas frontman wasn't the only guy she spoke about. When asked if she thought teen heartthrob Justin Bieber had a crush on her, she joked, "I think so. I think he had a little jungle fever. You know what I mean? I had to let the young boy know." The two shared a cheek kiss during the 2010 VMAs.

Before Minaj left, she took some time to address a recent controversy surrounding an upcoming concert at Montclair State University in New Jersey. She is being billed as the event's headliner, even though she isn't performing. "I didn't have anything to do with it," she said.

"People are going around pretending that they are able to book me. They're acting like they can sign paperwork and get me to do clubs, but in fact, I've never met these people a day in my life. I don't know who these people are."

Nicki explained that she woke up one day and found fans tweeting about it. "I thought that it was a joke and then I clicked on it and it was dead serious, so I had to shut that down."

For now, the rapper has recruited a legal team to look into the matter and said that she'll post her actual tour dates on her Twitter or official website. "I'm so tired of people getting scammed," she said.

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