Beyonce Could Release New Single In Next Few Weeks

'Listening to New B record Dream wrote ... Y'all C in 3 weeks!' producer Los Da Mystro tweeted Wednesday.

Fans are slowly but surely getting more and more details about Beyoncé's next album. And the latest word is that the singer could release her first single from the album within the next three weeks. While the name of the song is still unknown, it appears that Lady B is well on her way to releasing new music off her follow-up disc to 2008's I Am ... Sasha Fierce.

"Listening to New B record Dream wrote ... F---INg INSANE! WOw!! She About to Kill the game again! Had to Listen again!! Y'all C in 3 weeks!" producer Los Da Mystro, a frequent collaborator of The-Dream, who worked with Tricky Stewart on Beyoncé's hit "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)," tweeted. "Thats what they sayn now.. But it is the music Business. could b sooner r lata."

MTV News hadn't received comment by Beyoncé's label by press time.

However, the producers and songwriters she's been working with on the album have been dropping hints about what fans might expect on Beyoncé's fourth studio album. So far Ne-Yo, Jim Jonsin and Sean Garrett have all opened up about penning tracks for the album. And with the tweet from Los Da Mystro, it's evident that she's once again working with The-Dream and Stewart.

B's last album spawned the hits "Single Ladies," "If I Were a Boy," her Gaga-collabo "Video Phone" and "Halo." And while it is unknown what direction this next album will take, Ne-Yo has pointed out that Beyoncé has an "agenda" all her own.

"She's an artist that knows exactly what she wants to do," he told MTV News. "She's going to give you directions [like], 'Here's where I'm going, so here's where I need you to be.' And, you know, I'm a person that follows direction well. [And she'll be like], 'So this is the sound, this is the vibe; make it happen.' And I write and she likes it or she doesn't. And in this case she did, and there you have it."

Since she killed off her alter-ego Sasha Fierce for her next album, this record will be all Beyoncé. Producer Jim Jonsin recently noted that while he wants to go even more '80s than the pair did on "Sweet Dreams," he's also looking to try out some other genres with the singer. "Even some sexy mid-tempos, see if she likes that and I'll try that too," Jonsin said.

Whatever the album ends up sounding like, Garrett promised that it won't be a rehash of previous material. He explained, "We're working on some really incredible music. We're going to stretch a little bit — take it to a whole new level, if Beyoncé can go to a whole new level. ... It's going to be her biggest album ever. We're going to take it to a whole other level."