Justin Bieber Is 'Funny,' 'Outgoing,' Rumored Girlfriend Says

'He's not fake at all,' Jasmine Villegas, the girl Bieber was caught kissing, says.

While it has yet to be confirmed whether Justin Bieber and his "Baby" co-star and current My World tour opener Jasmine Villegas are dating, she opened up about the pop star in a new interview. She never mentioned their current romantic status, but she did note that Bieber is as real as it gets.

"Well, let's see, [what's] something that I would know about Justin ... He's just an outgoing person. He's funny," she told Bop and Tiger Beat in an interview posted online. "He's just so random, but I think everybody would know that.

"There's not much that I would know that people don't know because Justin is just 100 percent [real] with his fans and his friends and he gives everybody his full personality," she dished. "So that's a really good thing about him. He's not fake at all. He's just like, 'I'm Justin. Here's me.' "

Rumors of a romance between Villegas and Bieber were fueled when the two were recently caught kissing in the backseat of a car. Both have denied that anything is going on, with Bieber insisting he's single.

"I mean, girlfriends are trouble at this age," he said. "Girls are fun to hang out with but, like, having that one steady girl ... we're constantly traveling and one girl's not gonna really [work]. You can't really have one girl. I don't really have any crushes at the moment. ... Right now, the best thing is [that we're] just teenagers having fun doing what we love. We're just staying ourselves and remaining humble."