New 'American Idol' Judges Poised To 'Take Over,' Alums Say

'She's one of those people who has a complete empire,' season six's Melinda Doolittle tells MTV News about Lopez. 'She's going to be awesome.'

Devoted "American Idol" fans spent Wednesday (September 22) buzzing about what season 10 will be like as the new judges were finally announced. MTV News gathered some insightful commentary from experts and "Idol" wannabes on the selections. But we also wanted to know what some of the show's former contestants had to say about superstars Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler coming onboard.

Season-six third-place finisher Melinda Doolittle is a tad partial toward Lopez, thanks to some memorable mentoring from the pop diva during her time on "AI."

"Anytime anyone asks me who my favorite [mentor] was, I'm like, 'Jennifer Lopez,' because she took extra time with us and she talked to us about what to expect and she's one of those people who has a complete empire," Doolittle said. "She knows all sides: She knows the business side, the singing side. And really being an artist and an entertainer, I think she's going to be awesome," she added.

Doolittle also thinks it's a plus that Jennifer is a real superfan of the reality competition, which Lopez's husband, Marc Anthony, let slip when the couple visited "Idol" in season six.

"She was great, she brought her husband and he was like, 'You guys have no idea how excited she is to be here. She's a fan of the show, she watches every week, she knows all of you,' " Doolittle recalled. "She knew everything we had done. She's just really, really good people."

Sweet-as-pie Doolittle copped to some fangirl love when asked about the new resident rocker Tyler.

"Aerosmith happens to be my favorite band, so I'm a huge Steven Tyler fan," she admitted. "I'm not exactly sure what he might be like as a judge, but I love him onstage so I'm interested to see what happens with that."

Doolittle's fellow season-six alum, runner-up Blake Lewis, was equally enthusiastic about the new faces on the panel.

"The judges are fresh for the 10th season of Idol. I am ready to see Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler take over," Lewis said in a statement on Wednesday. "I love that this season's panel now includes judges who have made a career as performers and I can't wait to see what antics these two will bring to that table. As long as this year's contestants are diverse and true to the stage, I'll be in the front row of my living room just like the rest of America."

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