Lady Gaga's VMA Meat Dress To Become 'Jerky'

Designer Franc Fernandez says headline-making dress will be preserved and archived.

Lady Gaga's meat dress is among the most outrageous outfits the superstar has ever sported. She's rocked cigarette-adorned shades, teetered on freakishly high Alexander McQueen heels and posed in flame-throwing undergarments, so topping herself in the what-is-she-wearing-now? department is definitely an achievement.

The songstress is rarely seen in the same thing twice, but an ensemble crafted from raw meat isn't the type of look the wearer can keep around — without risking the smell of decaying beef in one's closet — let alone bust the thing out for another flesh-frock-appropriate occasion.

Apparently, the dress hasn't been tossed out or repurposed as tartare for some adventurous eater. After the beef dress' headline-snagging debut at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, the look will be preserved and saved, presumably to provide inspiration for some far-out designer's future sartorial creation.

"The dress will go through a process where it becomes a sort of 'jerky' and will be archived," designer Franc Fernandez told E! Online.

However, don't expect Gaga to bring back the look and shake up another awards show in, say, a jerky jumpsuit anytime soon. Fernandez recently explained to the MTV Style blog that, even though the dress may not decompose, it's still just a single-use outfit.

"The meat dries out, rather than rotting. It becomes jerky," Fernandez said. "But it shouldn't be worn again."

Just like Gaga should leave the jerky-fied dress in the past, Fernandez insisted he's not going to hook up anyone else with carcass couture in the future.

"I think it's just that — it's just the meat dress," Fernandez observed. "There's not going to be meat dresses in the future. This was made for a specific purpose. It's what it is."

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