'American Idol' Auditioners 'Super Excited' About New Judges

'I pretty much almost fainted,' one 'Idol' wannabe told MTV News about Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez announcement.

The big news is out: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are officially "American Idol" judges. MTV News first consulted a few experts on the topic, and then we hit the L.A. "Idol" auditions, at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California, to chat with the wannabe singers to see what they thought of the new faces they would soon be seeing in the audition rooms.

"I'm super excited," Kaeli Filpi said. "I'm a huge fan of Steven Tyler. My parents are all into '80s classic rock, so I'm a huge fan of him. I'm so excited."

Fellow hopeful Vonabell Sherman echoed the Tyler love. "Oh my gosh, I could not believe that Steven Tyler and J.Lo were on [the panel], and I'm thrilled," she said. "If I get to see Steven Tyler, I don't even know what I'm going to do. I think I might just, like, break down. He's awesome!"

"I pretty much almost fainted," Keeira Lyn Ford admitted about hearing the news. "Because, honestly, Jennifer Lopez has been, it sounds corny, but she's been my American Idol forever. She does everything I've ever wanted to do — music, fashion — she's just an icon, and she's the one I'm most excited about."

Erin Shelton had an alternative suggestion for the show: add a fourth and familiar face back into the mix.

"I've heard rumors who it's going to be, who's going to be here and who's not going to be here, and I wanted them to bring Paula [Abdul] back. Come on, bring her back! Why not? She's hilarious," Shelton said, before redirecting her thoughts at the actual new judges. "They're going to bring in completely different aspects of music. We've got a rocker and a girl who's been in pop forever."

"I think they're going to bring a lot of energy, definitely newness. Out with the old, in with the new," "Idol" hopeful Aaron James said. "I think they're definitely going to pump it up and to try to do some different things to make the show completely different. That's what's going to keep people watching."

Katie Heart said she hopes Lopez will put more emphasis on the performance/dance side of things. "I love that whole performance part, and [Tyler] will bring more of a rocker's edge."

Finally, Krihste Rhodes spoke about the fact that "Idol" fans knew what to expect from Cowell and Abdul, but that Lopez and Tyler's tastes and preferences are a total mystery.

"From Simon and Paula, it's going to be so different, because they've had the same mind-set for all these seasons and the same kind of thing they're looking for. J.Lo and Steven Tyler, who knows what they like? Nobody knows yet," Rhodes pointed out. "It's just going to be so interesting to see the kinds of things they come up with."

What do you want to see from Lopez and Tyler? Dancing? Rock and roll? Tough love? Tell us in the comments!

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