Snooki Explains Ron Ron Juice, GTL On 'Letterman'

The 'Jersey Shore' star taught the talk show host about her housemates' lingo.

Snooki, dressed in a sparkly little dress, sat down with David Letterman on Tuesday night to school the veteran late-night host in all things "Jersey Shore" — particularly the ins and outs of the show's lingo.

"We pretty much wake up around 12 o'clock in the afternoon, dillydally a little bit, [then] we hit our GTL," she said, explaining the group's daily routine. She quickly clarified the meaning of that acronym for Letterman: "Gym, tan, laundry; it's essential! And then [we] get ready for the night. We start drinking Ron Ron Juice around 8 o'clock."

Ron Ron Juice, for those who don't know, is the signature cocktail of Snooki's "Shore" castmate Ronnie. Snooki kindly explained its recipe: "Ron Ron Juice, it messes you up," she shared. "It's vodka, watermelon, blueberry, cherries and maybe some [Jägermeister]. You have to [get drunk before you go out]. You can't go to a club sober."

Next, Snooki explained just what happens when the crew hits up their local discothèque. "Well the guys, they look to get it in and I look to get it on the dance floor," she explained. "No! Not like that! [They], like, beat up the beat. I didn't mean that! I mean dancing!"

Snooki then went on to explain the woman-conquering ways of her castmates. "Oh, of course [there's sex]! You got MVP! So it's Mike, Vinnie and Paulie. Their mission when they go out to the club is to get it in and smush with one girl or multiple girls."

Right now, Snooki is just looking for the right guy to smush with. "No unfortunately [I'm single]. I'm a very sweet girl. I'm loving. I like to go out and have fun, but I cannot find that perfect gorilla juicehead," she shared. "So now I'm thinking more to go to a business guy or Wall Street or something, change it up a little bit. Why not?"