'Eastbound And Down' Cast Talks Marilyn Manson's Cameo Bid

'I think it's fantastic,' says executive producer Will Ferrell, while star Danny McBride has a bizarre acting tip for the rocker.

If fans thought news of Marilyn Manson's "Eastbound and Down" superfandom was surprising, then they may have been more shocked to learn that Manson is vying for a cameo on the zany HBO series. Manson told MTV News he'd like to step into the shoes of awkward-yet-eager sidekick Stevie (played by Steve Little). So we asked some of the folks attached to the show for their thoughts on Manson's small-screen aspirations.

"Honestly, I'm honored," the show's executive producer/ writer/ director Jody Hill told us at the star-studded season-two premiere. "I saw Marilyn Manson open up for Nine Inch Nails when I was in high school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina," Hill recalled. "So the fact that he's heard of the Kenny Powers series is pretty awesome."

We then informed Hill that Manson would love to play Stevie in some sort of guest role. "Really?" Hill laughed. "OK, great, I'd love that. He can play his brother."

Series star Danny McBride, who plays Kenny Powers, had an alternative suggestion: "I imagine he could just cut [actor] Steve Little's flesh off and wear it, and just kind of be him," McBride offered, before adding that he had considered wearing a Manson-inspired getup himself. "I was going to come here dressed as Marilyn Manson but I pu--ied out at the last moment."

"Eastbound" 's executive producers (and famed "Funny or Die" founders), Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, were similarly enthused about Manson's enthusiasm. "I think it's fantastic," Ferrell told us.

Meanwhile, McKay seemed to suspect before anyone else did that the show would appeal to the "Beautiful People" singer. "I don't want to say I took it for granted, but I gotta say the first episode of this I saw, I thought, 'If Marilyn Manson doesn't like this then we've done something wrong.' "

"Yeah," Ferrell chimed in.

What do you think of Marilyn Manson being a big "Eastbound and Down" fan? Should he make a cameo? Let us know in the comments!