'Breaking Dawn' Won't Be Filmed In 3-D

But 'Twilight' studio Summit Entertainment says it's too early to tell if the films will be converted to 3-D in post-production.

Despite the continued popularity and rush for film studios to make everything in three dimensions, "Breaking Dawn" — both Part 1 and Part 2 — will not be shot in 3-D.

Gossip Cop broke the news via a source at Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the mega-successful franchise. "Neither film is being shot in 3-D," the source told the site, adding that any other buzz from the rumor mill was "fabricated."

A rep from Summit confirmed the story to MTV News.

Although the two parts of "Dawn" will not be filmed in 3-D, this does not mean that post-production 3-D effects and/or conversion won't be added. It is reportedly too early in production for the studio to make that call.

We already know that a few of the castmembers would be up for a few 3-D elements. Kristen Stewart told MTV News in June that Bella in 3-D would be "awesome."

"I'm probably speaking out of line or whatever, but I think it would be awesome," she said. "Nobody knows what it's like to look through the eyes of a vampire. What if [Bella] opens her eyes to this extraordinary world? It could be cool."

Taylor Lautner seemed a bit more cautious about such an ambitious approach.

"Usually, 3-D is best when it takes you into another world," he explained. "I could see it going both ways. As long as we have the story line down and as long as we bring what was written on the pages in the book to life, then we'll be fine no matter what we do."

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