Lindsay Lohan And E-Trade Settle 'Milkaholic' Lawsuit

'The family is pleased that the case has been settled,' Dina Lohan tells TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan seems to be having her share of trouble with the law lately, but there's one battle she has won. According to TMZ, the actress settled a $100 million lawsuit against E-Trade, which ran a Super Bowl TV spot that Lohan felt mocked her tabloid reputation.

Lohan's attorney Stephanie Ovadia revealed that the lawsuit had come to a close in a statement to TMZ: "The case between Lindsay and E-Trade has been settled ... there is no further comment."

While no other details regarding the settlement have been revealed, Team Lohan is reportedly pleased with the suit's outcome, even suggesting that the actress received an undisclosed amount of money from the suit. Dina Lohan shared her two cents on the lawsuit, telling TMZ, "The family is pleased that the case has been settled."

Representatives for E-Trade admitted to TMZ that they were interested in putting the case behind them, saying, "E*TRADE has always maintained that the claims were without merit, which is why we moved to dismiss the case. With the case now withdrawn, we are pleased to have the matter behind us."

Earlier this year, Lohan's lawyer filed the $100 million suit in New York claiming that the actress' name was used without her permission in an advertisement. In the spot, a female baby character named Lindsay is deemed a "milkaholic" while in the midst of a baby love triangle. "That milkaholic Lindsay wasn't over?" the baby girl says, questioning why the baby boy didn't call her.

"Many celebrities are known by one name only, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit," Ovadia told the New York Post back in March. "They used the name Lindsay. ... They're using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn't they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody's talking about it and saying it's Lindsay Lohan."