'Glee' New Class: John Stamos, Charice And More

Chord Overstreet and Dot Jones are also 'freshmen' at McKinley High.

We all know who Rachel and Finn and Mr. Schue are, but when season two of "Glee" kicks off Tuesday (September 21), there will be a fresh crop of friendly faces to hang out in the halls of McKinley High.

When MTV News attended the red-carpet premiere party for the show's second season, we got a chance to know a few of those friendly, and sometimes familiar, faces.

One of the newbies, Chord Overstreet, is not only a pal of Demi Lovato's, but will certainly have fans of the show buzzing as Finn's gridiron rival. Football is a sport known for hazing, so has Overstreet seen any of that happening on the "Glee" set?

"I'm raw meat, fresh," he joked. "There's candles involved, a bunch of, like, Satanic rituals. Just some hazing, some general hazing. Little pranks here and there, nothing big, but I mean everybody was really welcoming when I came in."

Speaking of rivals, Dot Jones will be joining this season as Shannon Beiste, a foil for McKinley's resident adult mean girl, Sue Sylvester, and the school's new football coach. "Already off the bat, I'm going toe-to-toe with Jane Lynch's character," she said. "She's one mean broad."

While Overstreet and Jones might not be too recognizable, fans may remember Charice from her multiple "Oprah" appearances. "I love all the cast. They actually really gave me a warm welcome when I was on the set," she said. "I love my character. It's really me. It's very Charice."

Finally, it will certainly be a full house thanks to the addition of John Stamos as the new dentist in town — who also happens to be dating guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury. Eventually, the good doctor and Will Schuester are bound to butt heads. Until then, fans might want to know if Stamos will sing any of his signature Beach Boys songs.

"In the 'Rocky Horror Picture' episode, I'm singing on that one, which is coming up soon," he teased, adding, "I've been pitching [Beach Boys songs] like crazy, and they never respond."

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