Maroon 5's Hands All Over Is A Tried-And-True Maroon 5 Album

'It sounds like f---ing Maroon 5,' lead singer Adam Levine says of album, out Tuesday.

[artist id="1230385"]Maroon 5[/artist] want you to get your Hands All Over their new record, out Tuesday (September 21). The Mutt Lange-produced album has already spawned the radio-friendly breakup tune "Misery," and if you're thinking that the fourth album from the guys will be a drastic change of pace sonically from the band's previous efforts, you're wrong. As lead singer Adam Levine is quick to point out, this is a tried-and-true Maroon 5 album.

"It sounds like f---ing Maroon 5," he explained. "What you're thinking of is what it is, but there's a unique shift to it." As for which bands influenced them for the album, they admit they didn't have time to turn on their iPods while recording. "It's nice to be uncorrupted from our influences," he continued. "We weren't imitating anybody."

So, what should fans of the band that produced hits like "Wake Up Call," "Sunday Morning" and "Harder to Breathe" expect from the group this time around, even if it is a lot of the same thing? "There's some new directions. There's some Motown. There's even some country [and] some straight-ahead, really simple pop rock music that's kind of our thing," Levine said. "I think more than the type of songs that we recorded, it was more the style of production, which is so big."

And the guys owe that all to legendary producer Mutt Lange. "That's all he is is big. He goes for huge and international and it was such a refreshing thing to working with someone who really felt we still had something to prove," he raved. "We always feel that way but sometimes we don't have producers that necessarily push us . . . to do our best.

"It's hard [because] you get into a position where you're at the end of the line," Levine said. "And clearly we weren't on this record. He was the boss. Granted, we kicked and screamed and fought, a lot with each other and even with him. He's such an even-keeled guy and so good at what he does, so we trust him."