Trey Songz Says Passion, Pain & Pleasure Scales 'New Heights'

Passion, Pain & Pleasure is propelled by 2009 'defining album,' Ready, Trigger tells MTV News.

[artist id="1838768"]Trey Songz[/artist] has established himself as a beloved R&B artist, but the singer said it wasn't until his last project, Ready, that he began to feel like he had ascended to star status.

"I definitely feel that that album was what I thought it was. Before even the masses got it or anybody heard it, I felt like it was a defining album in an artist's career," he told MTV News. "Because even before that album, I had a couple hits, I had top 10 records, but those were songs. I had hit songs but I wasn't a hit artist. But right now people know my name and right now I feel like with Ready being so successful, I felt that was me only scratching the surface of my potential. That was almost the beginning of my career, if you will.

With his latest release, Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Trey takes another big leap forward. Songz' first two offerings are already heating up at radio and on the charts. "Bottoms Up," featuring Nicki Minaj, sits in the top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100 and "Unusual," featuring Drake, appears primed to follow suit.

"With Passion, Pain & Pleasure, I feel like I'm taking it to new heights," Songz said of his fourth studio album.

After dropping Ready in summer 2009, the singer upgraded his management team to include former Warner Music and Def Jam executive Kevin Liles. The move, Songz said, was just another example of him taking greater control of his career.

"As far as what I can attribute my success to, you know, taking charge of my career," he said. "Taking full control — from the music I make to the pictures I take."

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