Rihanna's 'Who's That Chick?' Video Leaks Online

Singer says clip is for an upcoming Doritos endorsement.

When [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] revealed that she's left behind her dark days of Rated R and moved to a happier place, she wasn't kidding. Not only has she taken the dance floor by storm with her first single from Loud, "Only Girl (in the World)," she's done the same in a new video for the dance tune "Who's That Chick?" which leaked online on Friday.

Jonas Åkerlund (Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" and "Telephone") directed the clip, which finds Rihanna in the center of a colorfest of dancers, lights and creatures of all sorts as she parades around in a multicolored ensemble. Making her way throughout the rainbow fantasy, Ri playfully smiles as lyrics pop up throughout the Japanese pop-inspired clip.

But don't expect an official music video release, as the clip is not affiliated with the pop star's forthcoming album — rather it's a part of an endorsement campaign for Doritos.

On Saturday, Rihanna took to Twitter to clear the air, saying, "Who's that Chick, is an online music video/commercial that we shot for Doritos and it got leaked.........I don't want u to get confused...doritos is in no way connected to LOUD."

Produced by David Guetta, "Who's That Chick?" utilizes a synth sound and some heavy Auto-Tune. "She's been a crazy dita/ Disco diva, and you wonder/ Who's that chick? Who's that chick?/ Too cold for you to keep her/ Too hot for you to leave her/ Who's that chick? Who's that chick?" she sings during the chorus.

Members of the Rihanna Navy may find the tune familiar as Guetta previewed the track earlier this year on a French radio station, but never revealed who the artist behind the high-energy song is.

Back in June, Guetta dished to MTV News about helping Rihanna return to the world of dance music. "Well, you know, I'm a DJ, so I make beats that make you wanna dance," he said. "And I think she was one of the first to do that in that urban world, so you know, I think it would be good for her to do it again."

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