'The Town' Runs Weekend Box Office

The cops-and-robbers film grabs over $23 million.

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "The Town" ($23.8 million)

#2 "Easy A" ($18.2 million)

#3 "Devil" ($12.6 million)

#4 "Resident Evil: Afterlife" ($10.1 million)

#5 "Alpha and Omega" ($9.2 million)

In a weekend stacked with new movies, the bank-robbery action pic "The Town" ran the box office. The film, which also took the top spot on Friday, roped in an estimated $23.8 million, a showing that has probably eased the mind of directorBen Affleck, who once told MTV News that he felt "a huge amount of pressure" crafting the flick.

The high-school laugh-getter "Easy A,", received decent marks from audiences, coming in at #2. The teen-friendly comedy, driven by rising screen star Emma Stone, who fought through an asthma attack to complete one of the film's pretend-sex scenes, rang up $18.2 million in ticket sales.

M. Night Shyamalan's latest project "Devil," featuring a crew of strangers trapped in an elevator as creepy stuff goes down in the confined space, nabbed the third-place slot. The thriller, which even gets a few screams out of Shyamalan, posted $12.6 million during its debut in theaters.

"Resident Evil: Afterlife," slipped to fourth place in its second week on screens. Pushed down by three hearty debuts, the zombie-blasting Milla Jovovich-vehicle raked in another $10.1 million. The number brings the film's total haul to an estimated $44 milllion. In addition to the film's strong showing, Jovovich recently confirmed that a fifth "Resident Evil" movie is on the way.

The animated cross-country adventure "Alpha and Omega", packed with voice-over performances from a diverse cast of stars including Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Christina Ricci, Danny Glover and Dennis Hopper, came in fifth place. The story of two wolves (voiced by Long and Panettiere) making their way back home opened with an estimated $9.2 million.

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