Blake Lively Compares 'The Town' And 'Green Lantern'

Actress relished the chance to play a 'dark' role in the drama and a fighter pilot in the superhero flick.

"Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively has been expanding on her Upper East Side roots of late. She landed the coveted role of Carol Ferris opposite Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan in "The Green Lantern" and can be seen holding her own with Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner in this week's "The Town."

When MTV News caught up with the leading lady recently, we asked her how the effects work and acting requirements differed between the two very different roles.

"With all the special effects, you're in a big soundstage with blue walls and the world you're acting opposite will be created months after you're finished shooting," Lively said of her work on "Lantern." "So to watch that will be a very different experience, because I don't know half of what I'm going to see. It's so exciting, seeing all the visual arts and all the amazing effects they're creating and the main characters they're creating. I cannot wait to see it, because that's one of the most important elements in our story."

Regarding "The Town," Lively said there's really no comparison because there's no CGI in the movie.

"Everything you're seeing, we were doing in the moment," she explained. "You're just playing off of each other, a lot of reacting and a lot of improv. It was a very different experience, but both [movies] I just treasure so much. To get to do a role like this that is so dark and so different and so broken and then to go be in a superhero movie opposite such amazing actors and an incredible director, and not just be the damsel in distress, be a fighter pilot, be his boss at the company, to play women with strengths are the characters I'm most attracted to."

But will moviegoers — specifically the always-knowledgeable fans of the "Lantern" source material — get to see any signs of Ferris' eventual villainy in the film? "No, not yet," Lively said. "Well, I mean, there are always winks and homages to certain things in the comics for the fans, but I don't think you know yet how evil she turns."

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