Taylor Swift's Speak Now Is 'Amazing,' Selena Gomez Says

'She took her style and made it bigger. It's going to be really good,' singer says of her pal's upcoming album.

On Tuesday, Selena Gomez will release her new album, A Year Without Rain. Fans already love its singles "Round & Round" and the title track, and now Gomez has the ultimate seal of approval on the album from her pal and fellow superstar [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist].

"It was so funny, I got to see her and we played each other both of our records, and I was so excited," Gomez told MTV News. "I'm so excited for her record 'cause it's amazing. But then she heard mine and it's so funny 'cause she's very passionate and she's very dramatic — which I think is why we're friends because we're both dramatic — but she has her favorites already."

So, what are the Swift-approved tracks? "She likes 'Rock God and 'Ghost of You' a lot," Gomez said. "But she definitely danced and had her little thing. She's completely honest with me, so it was nice to have her feedback."

Gomez is just as stoked for Swift's October release of her highly anticipated Speak Now album. "My favorite songs from her record would be 'Dear John' and another one ... it's number 13 on the record 'cause that's her favorite number ... it's really sweet," she teased. "There's two that I'm absolutely in love with."

With fans already getting a taste of Swift's new album thanks to "Mine" and the VMA-premiered track "Innocent" hitting the airwaves, Gomez thinks they'll really love what they hear. "Her album is going to be awesome. I think people are gonna be really surprised. It's not different [but] you just don't really believe she could top it, in a way," she explained. "She took her style and made it bigger. It's going to be really good."