Rick Ross Stands By T.I., Talks New Collabos

'Regardless of what it is, you don't turn your back on him,' Ross says of Tip's legal issues.

No matter what, Rick Ross said he's going to stand by his friend T.I. The King of the South is in some serious trouble and could have his probation revoked after he and his wife were arrested earlier this month on drug charges.

"I think just being firm and being men of our word is what that's about at the end of the day," Ross said last week in L.A. during VMA weekend about supporting Tip. "Once you become an ally and a partner, you anticipate the ups and the downs. You gotta be a soldier. The shoe is gonna be on the other foot, either way it goes, when you getting money in the streets, period. Just being G's, man. It is what it is, man. A lot of times, these situations be blown out of proportion and made into a lot bigger than what they are.

"As long as the real G's and the leaders set the example of 'This is what you do when your brother gets into trouble,' " Ross added. "Regardless of what it is, you don't turn your back on him; you ride with him. ... You gotta stick to the script. When situations come, you stay firm. If that's your homie, that's your homie."

Several years ago, before Ross and Tip met, Ricky Rozay publicly denounced Tip over a misunderstanding. Since then, however, all ill will has been quashed between the two, and not only have they become cool, they have worked together several times on other artists' tracks. This year, Ross pulled Tip in on his Teflon Don album via "Maybach Music III." Tip called on Ross for a track on the upcoming King Uncaged album, "Pledge Allegiance to the Swag."

Ross said "Pledge" and two other new songs were recorded with Tip while the two were in Miami.

"I'mma be honest: That was the first time me and the homie actually got in the studio and I saw him work his magic," Ross recalled. "To be honest, I was blown away by the homie. He came by the spot. He was like, 'I'm in Miami. I'm in a good mood, big homie.' He had just tied his knot. Congratulations to him and Tiny. He was like, 'I'm swinging through the city.' I was like, 'Come through. I'm over at my spot. The Swisher Suite. Let's get it in.' The homie came through, walked in. I had the beat on. Your man Tip, 10 minutes tops, 'Let's record.' The homie laid his verse. We played some more music. Another 10 minutes, laid another verse. So he actually did two features for me. I did his feature. We got it all done in a matter of time. Left, went to the club after that."

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