Lil Wayne's Glow-In-The-Dark Tattoos Are 'For Real,' Director Says

Black-light 'I Am Not a Human Being' video shows off Weezy's fluorescent ink.

For music-video director David Rousseau, working with [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] was a gift and a curse.

A curse because the Cash Money Records superstar is incarcerated and not readily available to approve changes or edits; a gift, though, because the rapper is exuberant and camera-friendly, ready to offer concepts and suggestions for his clips.

For his "I Am Not a Human Being" visual — which is still not ready; the version that landed online Wednesday wasn't finished — Wayne came up with the idea to showcase his glow-in-the-dark tattoos.

"The thing about this video, it was his concept to shoot the black light, 'cause that way the tats that he has, they glow in the dark. That's actually for real; that's not a camera trick or post-production," Rousseau told MTV News. "The tattoos that he has on him when you put the black light on him, they glow in the dark. He came up with that idea. So really, the rest of the video was a springboard on that."

The song is the title track from Weezy's forthcoming EP, which is set to drop later this month for free on the Web.

The footage from the clip was shot earlier this year, when Wayne and Rousseau worked on upward of 12 videos the rapper hoped to finish before his incarceration, including numbers for his Rebirth album and portions of Drake's "Miss Me" clip.

When Rousseau sat down to work with all the material after Wayne turned himself in to a New York City prison, the director said his work was easier after the foundation was already laid. Rousseau said he just had to listen to the lyrics and portray the MC in an abstract sense, which includes contrasting shots of his writing process and flashes of money.

"After listening to the track, he's talking about just not being a human being, being totally different, is he an alien," Rousseau explained. "So the idea grew from that. It wasn't that hard, because we already had a base of what the concept would be when we shot his performance earlier this year."

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