Johnny Knoxville Talks 'Jackass 3.5'

'So much great stuff got left out of the film,' the 'Jackass 3D' star says of saving high jinks for Christmas DVD release.

[movie id="445041"]"Jackass 3D"[/movie] is not even in theaters yet, but one of its stars, Johnny Knoxville, is already talking sequel. Knoxville says the crew shot so many high jinks for the movie, opening October 15, that they couldn't get them all in. But Knoxville has plans for the scenes left on the cutting-room floor.

"Man, we filmed so much stuff. So much great stuff got left out of the film because we just overshot," Knoxville explained to MTV News. "That'll be in '[Jackass] 3.5,' coming out at Christmas," he said of a DVD release.

His "Jackass 3D" pal/co-star Steve-O told us he has high expectations for the flick, and that fans will see a new side of him.

"I can't wait. It's going to be awesome," Steve-O said. "We made a great movie. Everybody's gonna love it. People are gonna be waiting to see how being sober and filming 'Jackass' is different [for me]," he added. "Being clearheaded and sober makes it more painful, more scary and the first thing I say is, 'I'm Steve-O, why do I have to be Steve-O?' "

So how far did the guys take it this time around? It seems as far as possible.

"I was eager to do as much as I could. I, unlike Johnny Knoxville and some of the other guys, was feeling pretty sure I didn't want to risk paralysis or death," he joked. "Knoxville just needs to risk paralysis and death, but that being the case, I was really eager to get involved in as much stuff as I could, and I think I'm in this new movie more than either of the first two. It was a totally different me and it was a real blessing to do that."

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