Chelsea Handler Was A 'Winner' At VMAs, Sarah Silverman Says

Former MTV Movie Awards host says VMA audience isn't 'an easy crowd.'

Back in 2007, Sarah Silverman hit the MTV Movie Awards stage as the night's opening act and took shots at everyone from Paris Hilton to Jack Nicholson to Lindsay Lohan. At this year's Video Music Awards, fellow comedian Chelsea Handler — who has already been applauded by Katy Perry — had some fun at the expense of Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and, well, Lindsay Lohan.

So how does Silverman think Handler did as a host?

"I thought it was good," she told MTV News while in Toronto promoting her movie "Peep World." "I think she's really great on her show, and she did great. I mean, look, the truth is, the VMAs is pretty unwinnable in terms of hosting. ... I'm just saying it's not like at the Movie Awards, [which] is filled with actors and they know to be quiet and listen and be at a show."

So what separates the two MTV awards shows? "The VMAs is like crazy rock stars and stuff and everyone's talking and the lights are up," she explained. "You don't feel it watching it at home, but the lights are on, people are milling about, not sitting down, and no one's listening to you. It's like going right back to early days of stand-up. I haven't talked to her about it, but I bet she would say it's like when you're performing and no one's listening and you're just focusing and trying to say your material, and I think she had a good time, and I'm not saying it looked like [she was struggling].

"I have so many questions," she continued. "It looked like with the bit with Lady Gaga [when Chelsea emerged with a house on her head and the garage door didn't open automatically], it looked like there was a remote control and it didn't work. [And] maybe I'm reading into it and I could just see her face, like, 'What the f---?' I think it's easy to get daunted. It's not an easy crowd. You have to know that going in. She was great. She's a winner."

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