Drake Says He's Going To 'Create A World' On Tour

Toronto MC also reveals fellow Young Money MC Tyga is new opening act on Light Dreams and Nightmares run kicking off Monday.

[artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] says when his Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour kicks off next week, the lineup will be a little different than originally announced. Instead of having the Clipse open the upcoming tour, he'll keep it to the home team with Tyga.

"Me and Tyga. Family thing," Drake revealed last week during VMA rehearsals for his Sinatra-inspired performance at the Nokia Theatre. "I love the Clipse. That's why initially I was like, 'Man, I wanna go out with them.' Huge Clipse fan my whole life. But it's one of those things, man. Me and Tyga being family — both being young, new — it made more sense to head out there with him and take on the world on some YM, Young Money. Ironically, the last tour date is the day Wayne gets home."

Actually, Wayne is slated to get out on November 5, a day before Drake's final show in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel's the Joint. Obviously, a scheduling conflict could have spelled disaster for the Young Money family. But Drake intends to be there to welcome back Wayne at his homecoming show.

"He's ready. He's just ready to come home," Drake said of his friend and Young Money boss. "I know he's in there counting the days now." The Toronto native also said Wayne has been working out fanatically while inside and he's getting "huge."

"He's filling out an 'XL' orange suit. Like, 'What's up?' He's big."

But back to the tour. Drake said he's excited to be going out with a more elaborate stage show, as well as more time to perform.

"This is my first time ever being able to create a world," he said. "Prior to this, I've had to create my world through performance. You literally have to get lost in the music to make you feel like you were somewhere else. All I really had was like two lights or a couple of lights. My lighting guy is phenomenal. I've always had great colors. If you look at the photos from my shows, it's a mirror image of my music: moody, sometimes eerie. What I did was I built a world, a dream world. It's not based on a set, it's based on colors; the lighting is phenomenal. I've got this one aspect of it where it goes from day to night. It's really cool."

And Drizzy promised you'll get an ample dose of So Far Gone, Thank Me Later and his guest features.

"I'm doing an hour and 45 minutes," the 23-year-old revealed. "For me, that's crazy to carry an hour-and-45. I have trouble — with all the records I have — doing an hour and 15 minutes. [If] I do an hour and 15 minutes, I'm cutting out 'Miss Me,' 'Light Up,' 'Money to Blow,' records people want to hear. It's gonna be a real interesting tour. I'm adding all the stuff from Thank Me Later. I'm excited to perform in a world. I've never done that before. I've got background singers now to make stuff sound sweeter.

"Really, I go up there and do everything," he said of his earlier outings like the Away From Home Tour. "The hooks, the singing, the R&B moments, the dancing with the girls — it's been a test of my showmanship. ... We didn't go the arena-tour route yet. I didn't tag along with somebody else's tour. We still do theaters; maximum 500 people. It's intimate. I want people to walk away and say, 'That was great show. It was a fun time.' "

In addition to checking out a great performance, concertgoers can also say they did some good by attending the show. A portion of the proceeds from every concert ticket sold will go to the Friends of Music Therapy Endowment Fund at The Hospital for Sick Children in Drake's hometown of Toronto.

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