Travie McCoy Builds On 'Billionaire' With New Singles

Travie hopes 'Need You' and 'We'll Be Alright' can have some of his first single's success.

When it comes to fatherhood, [artist id="3574923"]Travie McCoy[/artist] is still learning the ropes.

We're not talking about the trappings of actual fatherhood, mind you — to the best of our knowledge, Travie doesn't have any kids — but rather the bittersweet reality of raising a single up from infancy, watching it blossom into an massive hit and then having to send it on its way.

" 'Billionaire' is still kind of bubbling and doing its thing," McCoy told MTV News last weekend at his VMA rehearsals in Los Angeles. "It's kind of like my little son that's all grown up, and it's like, 'All right, either go to school or go in the army. Do whatever you want now. You're on your own.' He's kind of grown up and matured, and now I'm nurturing 'Need You,' which is the next single, you know?"

But "Need You" is just one of his new projects. The video is still being cut, and so he's also promoting "We'll Be Alright," the next U.K. single off his Lazarus album. The video for that song began making the rounds this week. And he's not showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

"['Need You'] is kind of one of the more serious, introspective songs on Lazarus, and visually, the video's gonna have the same tone," McCoy said. "And the next single in the U.K. is 'We'll Be Alright,' and that video has already dropped. All my people in the U.K., I know you're up on 'We'll Be Alright,' [with] the Supergrass [sample]. Everything's beautiful, man, and there's still a few more after that, so I'm just gonna ride it."

And while he's still working Lazarus, McCoy is also finding time to prep Papercut Chronicles II, the new record from Gym Class Heroes. The band is obviously his first love, but at the moment, it's kind of difficult to fit it into his schedule. Fatherhood, it would seem, is a lot tougher than it appears.

"We're hustling and scrambling on PCC II. Every chance I get — I have little bits of time here and there — I'm spending it all on the next Gym Class record," he said. "We're about 16, 17 songs deep. It just keeps growing. ... Matt [McGinley]'s on tour with me, playing drums, so we're working on stuff together while we're on tour, and [GCH's] Disashi [Lumumba-Kasongo] and Eric [Roberts] are working on stuff together. The new stuff is so good, man. It's outrageous."