Lil Wayne's Spirits Lifted By Brett Favre's Prayers

'Brett reached out, and he made sure I told Wayne that,' Young Money's Mack Maine tells Mixtape Daily.

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He'll miss a little over a month, but if things go according to schedule, Lil Wayne will be out of prison in time to catch most of the NFL season. Last week, the season kicked off with Wayne's home team, Super Bowl champions the New Orleans Saints, beating Weezy's favorite player, Brett Favre, and the Minnesota Vikings.

As Young Money President Mack Maine told MTV News recently, Weezy is elated that Favre didn't hang up his shoulder pads and go into retirement.

"He's loving that," Maine said of Wayne's feelings about Favre's decision to play his 20th year in the league. "That gives [Wayne] more incentive to watch this year, because that's his favorite player. Shout-out to Brett too. Brett reached out, and he made sure I told Wayne that. That was the first thing [Brett] asked when he got back to camp, really. [Vikings tackle] Bryant McKinnie is one of our friends, B-Mac. [Favre] asked B-Mac, 'How you been?' B-Mac answered. And he was like, 'How's Wayne?' That was his second question to B-Mac. Those two are real good friends. He said, 'Let [Wayne] know I been praying for him and send him my love.' So I let Wayne know that. He said, 'You just brightened my spirits up for the rest of the month.' He was real excited."

Maine said he thinks #4 should have another stellar season — just as long as he has security. "I think Favre should be good," Mack said of the future Hall of Famer. "The offensive line gotta make sure they protect him. They don't need him getting beat like that."

It's safe to say we'll see Wayne somewhere watching the field this year after he's released in November. Mack said the Fireman will also be courtside watching the NBA's most-talked-about team. "Wayne's pretty excited," Mack said, bringing up the Miami Heat's dream team of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. "And you know we live in Miami. We'll be going to those Heat games too. I had to throw that in there. LeBron, we got our floor seats already. D. Wade. Bosh!"

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