Kanye West To Return To 'The Cleveland Show'

Lindsay Lohan and John Mayer get called out in some preview rhymes from season-two premiere.

[artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] is set to reprise his role as Kenny West on "The Cleveland Show" in the show's season-two premiere.

According to Entertainment Weekly, West's character is down on his luck after being a rapper on the rise and the title character, Cleveland Brown, is attempting to help the high school artist make a comeback. The animated pair work on a track titled "Be-Cleve in Yourself" that will supposedly mark Kenny West's comeback.

"Not long ago, I was lower than Lohan," he raps. "No plan, a lost man, raising my little girl in a Cadillac Brougham/ My quest success, but my life was a mess/ Poor Kenny West, no zest, and he depressed/ Not dressed to impress/ Matter fact, more stress than John Mayer waiting on his AIDS test."

In May, Kenny West first popped up on "The Cleveland Show" at a rap battle. His character was a hot shot who butted heads with Cleveland Jr. over West's girlfriend. The two traded cheap shots, and their feud came to a head at the big dance when they directed lyrical barbs at each other.

"It's Kenny sippin' Henny/ Rhymes slicker than Teflon," West boasted. "The school been high, I'm the black Zac Efron/ And when I meet a shorty, you know we going backwards/ Pulling more tail than my man John Edwards/ Lumpy, chunky, boogie-eating chump, B/ Acting out of place like Hootie singing country/ Leave my girl alone and get your own tender 'Roni'/ Come on, who are we kidding?/ You're used to being lonely."

Junior fired back, though, with a takedown rap of his own. "Mess with me, homeboy, you don't wanna risk it," he spits. "I run you like Mrs. Freemon's god-awful brisket." In trademark fashion, à la "Family Guy," the show cut away to Mrs. Freemon holding a trayful of brisket. "Well, that was uncalled for," she says.

Kanye West's guest turn on "The Cleveland Show" is scheduled for September 26 on Fox.

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