Rick Ross Buries Twitter Feud With 'Fire' Slim Thug Collabos

'I leaked 'Paid the Cost,' just to show the haters,' Ross tells Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Rick Ross says he didn't fire shots. It was just a rap reference that he had no intention of putting out anyway. A couple of weeks ago, a track leaked to the mixtape circuit and the Internet labeled "King Boss." Mr. Rozay rapped on the song, "She dated Slim Thug, but now she f--- with me/ She finally made it to the biggest boss luckily."

Slim Thugger quickly took to his Twitter page with a question — and a retort.

"WTF @rickyrozay is that a diss?" Slim wrote. "Just threw @rickyrozay cd out the roof of the coupe haters get no play in my ride."

Well, before things got too far out of hand, [article id="1646774"]Ross and Thugger talked[/article], hammered out the misunderstanding and actually banged out a couple of new official songs. One of them, "Paid the Cost," is out now.

"First of all, I wanna salute the homie, Slim Thugga," Ross said on Saturday in Los Angeles before the VMAs. "Maybe two weeks ago, a record had surfaced that I recorded before I even met Slim Thug. Just not knowing the dude and made the record and, after the fact, maybe four or five years later, the record leaked. He responded in a way that was totally understandable. What was funny about that situation is that Slim Thug is actually an artist that after I met him, embraced me and showed me the most love. The homie, Slim Thug, and I gotta salute the homie, Trae Tha Truth."

Ross said that Slim and Trae always roll out the red carpet for him when he goes to Houston.

"For a record to surface and me being a little slow on Twitter, I didn't really peep it until two days later," Ross continued. "When I found out about it and heard about it, they said I'm dissing Slim Thug. 'What's the name of the record? "King Boss"?' ''he remembered asking. "I never had a record called 'King Boss.' I just left it alone. After the fact, [Slim] asked me about it. I told the homie, 'Of course it ain't nothing but love between me and you, big dawg.' We got in the studio, later that night. The night we spoke. I e-mailed him something; shot him something, did something for his album. It's fire. Then I leaked 'Paid the Cost,' just to show the haters."

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