Lady Gaga's VMA Outfits: Fashion Week Attendees Weigh In

'She is like a work of art!' 'Behind the Velvet Ropes' hostess Lauren Ezersky says.

NEW YORK — Even though [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] managed to cut down her costume changes from last year's Video Music Awards to just three for the 2010 Video Music Awards, they still sparked the interest of many who turned up and tuned in. We asked some New York Fashion Week attendees which of the three costumes was their favorite.

Lisa Liu perceived her arrival outfit, designed by Alexander McQueen, as "her tamest outfit of the evening. But I thought it looked very Lady Gaga." Becky Boudwyn described her as "an out-of-control couture Pocahontas." "Behind the Velvet Ropes" hostess Lauren Ezersky said, "She is like a work of art! When I look at her, it's almost like looking at a painting by an old master. ... When you look at her, you can't just look once, there's always something else to see! I love her first outfit, I just love it!" This dress was seen as the favorite by many, including Chris Futrell, who praised the fact that it was "very detailed-oriented."

When we brought up outfit number two, people were not afraid to mention the fact that Gaga could barely walk in it. It was praised by Teasea and Duane Bennett as being "quite exquisite" and "very gothic," but was disliked by stylist Celine Griscom, who described it as "slightly dumpy ... doesn't have enough leanness to it," and Ayoka Lucas, who said, "It's not flattering to her body at all, unfortunately!"

The third and final dress, the controversial meat dress, definitely left a bad taste in people's mouths as reactions were unified in perceiving this dress as "something different and something you would not see at an awards show such as the VMAs" (Chris Futrell). Ezersky praised the dress, joking that "She's cookin! In fact, she needs to cook! ... I love the look of it, but I'm not quite sure if I would want to sit next to her! How would they bring that to her? Like, in a freezer!? I don't know! I think it's totally cool! You go, girl!"

The speculation about whether it was real meat was not lost on Lisa Liu, who noticed that no one was "shy to hug her so I wasn't sure if it was real meat." Most people shared the opinion of Teasea Bennett, who said, "I think she was able to pull it off. I wasn't too fond of that one, to be honest, but it suited her! I think it suited Gaga. She can pull anything off! Even a bag, a plain plastic bag, she'd rock that!"

Ezersky summarized her opinion of Gaga's fashion choices, saying, "She gives young people inspiration that it's OK to be different, it's OK to look the way you want to look." And in relation to the recent death of Alexander McQueen, the designer of the first dress, Ezersky pointed out, "It was a beautiful homage to him because we all really miss him in this industry. I got to meet him one time and he was an amazing artistic genius. ... She will bring out the new Alexander McQueen. She'll find them and wear them."

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