Lady Gaga's VMA Meat Dress: Style Experts Weigh In!

'Too bad she didn't wear it with a grill,' Nylon's Faran Krentcil quips

Lady Gaga wore several very interesting outfits to the VMAs on Sunday night. While she went glam in two creations (one by Alexander McQueen and one by Giorgio Armani), she was more grisly in her meat dress, shoes, bag and hat, designed by Franc Fernandez and put together by her frequent stylist, Nicola Formichetti.

The look had the fashion world buzzing by Monday morning, spawning blog headlines such as, "Was it offensive or awesome?"

"Too bad she didn't wear it with a grill," Nylon digital director Faran Krentcil told MTV News in an e-mail about the gutsy design that echoes the bikini Gaga wore on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan.

Kelly Cutrone was all about the look. "I don't get it what's the beef with Gaga — Gaga is the Queen of the Universe, and no one should say anything negative about her or they will be attacked by her millions of fans," the PR maven and star of "The City" told MTV News. "I am happy to see her looking so healthy and to see she put a little extra meat on!"

Meanwhile, TV personality and "Telephone" co-star Jai Rodriguez commented that Gaga is creating a professional challenge for him. "Well, I am currently playing a character where the script says, 'Take it a step further than Gaga would,' " he explained. "I'm no longer sure that's possible after last night's dinner frock."

Food was certainly on other fashion-minded folks' minds. "It's creepy and amazing at the same time, but I know what I won't be eating today," Fashion Critic wrote on

The Washington Post's Jen Chaney felt that it wasn't the strongest of Gaga's looks for the night. "Lady Gaga wouldn't be Lady Gaga if she didn't show up at the MTV Video Music Awards in at least one over-the-top ensemble. ... So perhaps this wasn't an example of Miss 'Bad Romance' at her most original. ... As for Gaga's other fashion choices, I ultimately liked the McQueen gown more. Despite my assertion on Twitter last night that the feathers in the middle of her head may have been an homage to the Washington Redskins — which clearly worked some magic, so thanks, Gaga! — the dress itself was the most elegant and fashion-forward of the three."

While the fashion world appeared open-minded to Gaga's fleshy statement, animal-rights group PETA had a very different reaction. "After time spent under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh that it is and likely be crawling in maggots," the group told on Monday.

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