VMA Firsts: Gaga's Wins, Chelsea's Hot Tub Pregnancy And More

The meat-suit-wearing Gaga became biggest single-night female winner in VMA history.

We here at MTV News like to think that history is made every time we put on a Video Music Awards ceremony. Over the course of nearly three decades, we've provided you with some of the most indelible images in pop music history, from the Britney-Madonna kiss to last year's Kanye/Taylor Swift moment and dozens of others in between.

Sunday night's show was no exception, with another flood of VMA firsts provided by eight-time winner [article id="1647683"]Lady Gaga[/article], West and, of course, randy host Chelsea Handler. Here are some of our favorite VMA firsts from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Meat Suit: Artists have worn anything and everything you can imagine to the VMAs over the years, but nobody has ever worn a dress made out of what looked like some choice cuts of meat, accented by a meat hat, flesh purse and steak boots. [article id="1647318"]Gaga raised the ire of PETA[/article] when she first modeled the suit on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan, and likely did it again when she slipped into the outfit to accept her night-capping [article id="1647678"]Video of the Year win for "Bad Romance."[/article] The singer subsequently visited the [article id="1647701"]"Ellen DeGeneres Show"[/article] to explain the meaning behind her carcass couture.

Hot Tub: We've had a lot of odd things on the stage over the years, from Britney's snake to giant puppet theaters, but never, it turns out, a hot tub. Leave it to the cast of "Jersey Shore" to bring their signature hang-out spot of choice to the festivities. Setting up onstage, the cast invited [article id="1647690"]VMA host Chelsea Handler[/article] to join them in the tub, which she reluctantly did.

Pregnancy: Though last year's VMAs were the first we can recall that resulted in an engagement (between host [article id="1647232"]Russell Brand and Katy Perry[/article]), Sunday night's show had the distinction of being the first where a host was impregnated during the broadcast. OK, technically, it was a gag and you can't get pregnant just floating in the "Jersey Shore" Jacuzzi, but still.

D-Bag: Kanye West was on his best behavior this year, but that doesn't mean the Louis Vuitton Don minded all his p's and q's. Closing the show with the starkly funktastic [article id="1647685"]debut of "Runaway," Kanye[/article] broke new ground by becoming the first artist to debut a new song featuring a chorus employing the go-to insult of the moment: douche bag. Hats off, Kanye!

Meet Cute: The VMAs have played host to some unique pairings over the years (Sting and Diddy, anyone?), but it has never featured a first-time onstage pairing by a couple of artists who've already scored a radio smash without ever meeting. That was the case Sunday when [article id="1647679"]B.o.B took the stage with Paramore's Hayley Williams[/article] for a run-through of his "Airplanes" just a day after finally [article id="1647613"]meeting for the first time[/article] face-to-face.

Octo-Win: [article id="1647699"]Lady Gaga became the most decorated female VMA winner[/article] in the history of a single VMAs show on Sunday night when she took home eight Moonmen. While she still has a way to go to match the all-time VMA champ, Madonna, who has 20 total wins, in just her second year of VMA eligibility, Gaga quickly jumped into a tie for fourth place with Green Day for all-time wins at 11. She also set a record for the second most wins in a single VMAs broadcast, nearly usurping Peter Gabriel's seemingly untouchable mark of 10 in 1987 for his groundbreaking "Sledgehammer" video.

Bike Lane: Performers have arrived at the VMAs on yachts, fire trucks, semis and in any number of tricked-out vehicles, but [article id="1647660"]30 Seconds to Mars[/article] set a new eco-standard on Sunday when they rolled up to the pre-show on their custom bicycles, paying homage to the theme of their VMA-winning "Kings and Queens" video.

He said, she said: An unprecedented incident calls for an unprecedented response. That might explain why both Kanye West and Taylor Swift seemed to make pointed comments on last year's run-in with the new songs they debuted during the show. While [article id="1647686"]Swift took a conciliatory route[/article] with her as-yet-untitled song, in which it appeared [article id="1647666"]she forgave Yeezy[/article] for his indiscretions, [article id="1647682"]West[/article] appeared to flagellate himself for his rash actions (see "D-bag" entry above).

The Moonmen have all been handed out and the stars have gone home, but there's plenty of 2010 MTV Video Music Awards news, interviews, behind-the-scenes scoop, party reports and more still to come, so keep it locked on MTVNews.com.