VMAs In 60 Seconds: Meaty Togs And Soulful Songs

We sum up the night, from Lady Gaga's outfits to Taylor Swift's 'innocent' track, in a minute.

Between fits of laughter and streams of tears, shiny Moonmen and meat dresses aplenty, the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards were not to be missed. Sunday's award ceremony was jam-packed with memorable moments that caught even the most casual viewer off guard, and while summarizing the entire show in 60 seconds might seem like an impossible feat, the MTV News team is always up for a challenge!

Although the purpose of the evening was to celebrate and honor the greatest musical achievements of the year, some of the show's performers couldn't stop themselves from embracing their sadder sides, with melancholy tunes coming from the likes of Linkin Park, Taylor Swift and even Eminem. In fact, it was Slim Shady himself that kicked off the VMAs with his opening performance of "Not Afraid," which he followed up with a brief rendition of domestic violence-themed "Love the Way You Lie" alongside surprise special guest Rihanna. (Well, gossip sites pretty much ruined that surprise for everyone but Jane Lynch, actually.)

It wasn't all doom and gloom, though. Host Chelsea Handler broke the tension on more than one occasion, with fake pregnancies and awkward encounters with Lindsay Lohan among her many highlights. Justin Bieber tore up the dance floor with some similarly sized pals, while his mentor, Usher, literally wheeled around through "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" and "OMG."

With 13 nominations to her name, Lady Gaga easily went on to be the big winner of the night, walking away with a walloping eight awards. But even she wasn't immune to the charms of celebrity culture, as she found herself awed by the mere presence of Cher.

"I never thought I'd ask Cher to hold my meat purse," Gaga proudly exclaimed. We always suspected you would, though, Gaga.

While the night focused mainly on the musical highlights of the past year, there was no side-stepping the VMAs of yesteryear — after all, how could Taylor Swift and Kanye West possibly ignore each other entirely after last year's awkward encounter? The singer-songwriter offered what could be perceived as a thinly veiled message of forgiveness toward West in her new song that states: "32 is still growing up now/ Who you are is not what you did/ You're still an innocent."

Indeed, the VMAs came full circle as Kanye closed out the night with his performance of "Runaway," proposing a musical toast to "the douche bags, the a--holes" and "the scumbags." If Swift forgave West earlier in the evening, a similar olive branch was offered again as the audience continuously cheered Kanye's name, signaling the end of yet another successful round of Video Music Awards.

The Moonmen have all been handed out and the stars have gone home, but there's plenty of 2010 MTV Video Music Awards news, interviews, behind-the-scenes scoop, party reports and more still to come, so keep it locked on MTVNews.com.