Lady Gaga's Eclectic VMA Fashion Choices

From a design by Alexander McQueen to her ensemble made of meat, Gaga didn't fail to disappoint in the fashion department.

Lady Gaga may have worn more outfits at the 2009 VMAs, but this year she wore a little dress made of meat. So, if the fashionistas of the world were wondering if Gaga could top herself in the fashion department, the answer appears to be yes.

For her first outfit of the night, when Gaga hit the VMA white carpet and already won two of her eight VMAs, she was wearing an Alexander McQueen outfit that consisted of taffeta, a feather Mohawk, a Renaissance art design and her famous "Bad Romance" McQueen lobster claw heels. And Gaga thanked McQueen in her acceptance speech for Best Female Video for his fashion contributions to the video.

Later on, Gaga donned a very large black dress complete with a cone-bra-like structure and a plastic Mohawk headband. The dress was difficult for her to walk in and required help from several burly men to make her way to the stage to accept her Moonman. She told the crowd, "I didn't really quite think all the wins through. This outfit is too heavy to walk in."

The dress (and bag and hat) that will certainly have everyone talking is her "meat" dress, which she wore when she won Video of the Year for "Bad Romance." The dress was an obvious homage to the PETA-criticized bikini Lady Gaga recently wore for Vogue Hommes Japan.

Earlier this week, celebrity stylist Robert Verdi predicted that Gaga would be in a fashion category all her own on VMA night, particularly after last year's costumes. "I think that when you have to compete with yourself, it's very difficult, and at some point you have to completely evolve and become something other than what people know you to be," he explained. "But this year, with 13 nominations, I think were gonna find Lady Gaga in competition with herself to come up with a whole array of costumes and changes that continue to reinforce this idea that she's a force to be reckoned with."

The Moonmen have all been handed out and the stars have gone home, but there's plenty of 2010 MTV Video Music Awards news, interviews, behind-the-scenes scoop, party reports and more still to come, so keep it locked on