Rihanna's VMA Appearance Top Twitter Topic

VMAs and Eminem come in second and third with thousands of tweets per minute.

Even though the VMAs were only half over, nothing got Twitter followers more excited than Rihanna's surprise opening performance with Eminem. Slim Shady launched the show with a performance of "Not Afraid," before the camera cut to Rihanna standing on the stage singing the opening chords of "Love the Way You Lie."

Fans took to Twitter with their thoughts, and Rihanna and Eminem became two of the most talked-about performers of the night. More than 4,700 tweets per minute were posted after Rihanna's performance, with the VMAs following her and Eminem being third most popular.

"SURPRISE!!!....just had to do it guys," Rihanna tweeted after the performance, and fans responded in kind. "IM JUST GONNA STAND THERE & WATCH YOU BAHHHHH *YOUR VOICE*" inCBweTRUST tweeted back at her, while Kristiine20 tweeted, "@rihanna you weree awsooomeee!!! OMG i [loved your performance] :)."

Some people weren't as enthused, dissing Rihanna's hairstyle (urbanstopNIQUE compared it to the Firefox browser logo) as well as continuing the discussion of Rihanna's abusive relationship with Chris Brown.

Eminem was also getting plenty of love, with BieberLine tweeting, "Eminem this is ur time <3 ur amazing" and krissy_monster tweeting "<3 eminem always have he's amazing."

Justin Bieber fans were really behind Eminem's opening performance. BieberPounce tweeted, "RT if you're watching the VMAs for @JustinBieber and @Eminem (:" That's probably because Justin Bieber himself had tweeted earlier in the night that he ran into Eminem behind the scenes of the awards show.

"I love this day!" Bieber tweeted. "Still a kid. still a fan."

The Moonmen have all been handed out and the stars have gone home, but there's plenty of 2010 MTV Video Music Awards news, interviews, behind-the-scenes scoop, party reports and more still to come, so keep it locked on MTVNews.com.