'Jackass 3D': Watch An Exclusive Clip Here!

'I about broke my neck,' Johnny Knoxville tells MTV News of outrageous stunts with Steve-O, Bam Margera and crew.

With an October 15 release date, fans have just a little more than a month to fully prepare themselves for the awe-inspiring, shocking and very disturbing 3-D experience that is sure to be "Jackass 3D."

But they got a head start when MTV aired an exclusive clip during the VMA pre-show on Sunday (September 12). Now, we have another exclusive for MTV.com readers.

In this new clip, perennial ringleader Johnny Knoxville is shown half-crouching behind an enormous plastic hand. He explains that said hand is filled with flour and that his crew is waiting to play one of their favorite pranks — the practice of "antiquing" — on fellow Jackass Bam Margera. When Bam arrives, Wee Man acts as the "bait," casually saying hello to Bam. Once Bam gets to the best possible spot, Knoxville unleashes the hand and Bam is knocked to the ground in a cloud of flour. Uproarious laugher from the "Jackass 3D" clan ensues.

As for what other antics audiences can expect from the movie, Steve-O told MTV News this weekend that people will be most surprised by how his sobriety affected his stunts.

"People are gonna be waiting to see how being sober and filming 'Jackass' is different," he said. "Being clearheaded and sober makes it more painful and more scary, and the first thing I say is, 'I'm Steve-O, why do I have to be Steve-O?' "

Meanwhile, Knoxville promised that the 3-D element will make things sexy, not scary.

"Party Boy won't be scary. He'll be very, very sexy," Knoxville said of co-star Chris Pontius.

"He got rid of that itchy thong for 3-D," co-creator Jeff Tremaine added. "We lost the thong so the 3-D could really come at you. The clothes finally come off."

But it's not all nudity, the boys assured us. There will be plenty of life-threatening stunts as well. "We got to shoot with a big jet, a fighter jet, but we kept it in park and just used all the thrust and played with that," Tremaine said.

"I about broke my neck being the invisible man," Knoxville said, alluding to a particularly dangerous stunt. "I don't know how I did not break my neck being the invisible man."

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