Justin Bieber Fans (And Skeptics) Weigh In On VMA Nominee

'I think I'm too old. I feel kind of creepy,' one fan says about why she has no symptoms of Bieber Fever.

Sixteen-year-old Justin Bieber is up for Best New Artist at the Video Music Awards on Sunday, and while the reaction from his fans may make it seem as if everyone has Bieber Fever, that's not necessarily the case.

As the pop star rehearsed for his VMA performance on Saturday, MTV News took to the streets of Los Angeles to explore the phenomenon, asking fans (and some non-fans) to weigh in on his dreaminess (or lack thereof).

"I'm anti-Bieber," one 20-something told us.

"I've got Bieber Fever — 24/7, nonstop," said another fan from Palm Springs, as her boyfriend nodded in agreement.

One more age-appropriate fan said her friends all have the fever, but she's immune to it. "I don't know if he's not going through puberty or something. It's like, 'heeeeee,' " she said, letting out a high-pitched squeal.

A 20-something Texas football fan said that he was confused when he first heard a Bieber song, but later admitted listening to Bieber's music. "I thought it was a girl at first when I heard it on the radio," he said.

"I love him! I love him!" screamed a fan from Anchorage, Alaska, who revealed it was her nephews who initially got her into Bieber.

"I think I'm too old. I feel kind of creepy," said a Lady Gaga fan from Pittsburgh.

"He is the whole package," the Palm Springs Bieber fan gushed. As for her supportive boyfriend? "That was my girlfriend," he deadpanned to our cameras.

The 27th annual MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday. The party starts with MTV News' VMA Pre-Show at 8 p.m., followed by the main event at 9 p.m. ET.