'Dancing With The Stars' Host Talks 'Crazy Lineup'

'The Situation has a lot of charm,' Brooke Burke says. 'I think we're going to see a lot abs!'

When "Dancing With the Stars" kicks off later this month, it will star two of MTV's most recognizable faces, "The Hills" alum Audrina Patridge and "Jersey Shore" 's very own the Situation. The show's host, Brooke Burke, admits that she's excited to see how light on their feet the reality-TV stars are.

"I think they both have a lot going for them," she told MTV News at the VMA Radio Forum on Friday (September 10). "I know Audrina is going to look amazing. She looks the part already. She's gonna get out on the ballroom and look so beautiful and elegant. Can she dance? I have no idea."

While Burke is equally unsure about the Sitch's dancing experience, she does think he'll impress the audience with his stage presence.

"The Situation has a lot of charm and he's got courage and I think he's going to be fun to watch," she said. "And I think he's going to have fun doing the show, and I've always said that's a huge part of it."

The Situation, however, may find himself having to play catch-up since he's starting rehearsals later than everyone else as the "Jersey Shore" was filming its third season.

"He has such a disadvantage because he's not able to rehearse for the full month," the host said. "But [his partner], Karina [Smirnoff], is amazing and she's a powerhouse and she's really tough, so if anybody can get him show-premiere ready, Karina can do it. I think we're going to see a lot abs!"

Burke added that fans shouldn't just be amped for Situation and Audrina — the entire "DWTS" lineup is impressive.

"I think it's a crazy lineup. It's anybody's game right now," she said. "No one has dance experience. I love this season because it's totally unpredictable. Everybody's talking about the Situation. I don't know: We got Rick Fox competing against Kurt Warner, two athletes. I think Kurt Warner has an amazing Cinderella story. Jennifer Grey, you know she's going to bring back the 'Dirty Dancing.' It's kind of a crazy cast. It's a good eclectic mix."

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