Justin Bieber Won't Be Punished For Water-Balloon Incident

Pop star apparently threw water balloons at police officer.

After a report surfaced out of Maryland that [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] had been throwing water balloons at police officers near his sold-out show at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday, sources are telling E! News the pop star managed to sideline any real punishment thanks to the help of his bodyguard.

Sources explain that the cops were ready to punish Bieber after a Maryland State Trooper was pelted with a water balloon, courtesy of the "Baby" singer. Bieber retreated to his trailer, while his bodyguard stepped in and handled the situation before it turned into anything serious. The source adds that Bieber had been practicing with the balloons for some time before he hit the officer.

According to WBALTV.com, Bieber had been "horsing around with members of his staff" outside a trailer when "one of the balloons hit a trooper's gun belt and burst, and the other brushed a trooper on the chest but didn't burst."

While Bieber's camp has yet to comment on the situation, the singer has been active on Twitter.

"Today is a great day to lend a hand," the VMA-nominated singer tweeted on Thursday. "Everyone do 1 nice thing today 4 someone and tweet what you did. Let's make god smile."

Of course, Bieber's fans know the pop star is fond of throwing water balloons in his free time. Back in June, his opening act Jessica Jarrell explained that she was prepared to take him on.

"He's a goofball. We're always pulling pranks on each other," she explained. "Actually, I'll tell you a secret: Him and his dancers, his side of the people, they walk around with water guns and water balloons and you know we're gonna have a war. We're gonna have a water gun war, which is going to be fun."