Weezer's 'Memories' Video Premieres

Band taps Johnny Knoxville for retro homage to backyard skateboarding.

It's a series of new beginnings in the [artist id="440"]Weezer[/artist] camp. They have a new album (Hurley, their eighth full-length effort and the best one they've pulled off in the new millennium), a new label (independent punk-minded imprint Epitaph, home to the likes of Rancid, Social Distortion and Bad Religion) and a crunchy new single called "Memories" (which contains a bunch of references to the band's early days and an awesome shout-along chorus).

In fact, the only thing that isn't ripe with newness is the band's just-premiered video for "Memories." Sure, it's a new composition that features guest appearances from the stars of "Jackass," but it's all about looking back.

"I had been married for a few months and had been in school for the semester before that, and basically I had been away from the band and the rock world for a while," Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo told MTV News about the writing process of the single. "I was really missing it, and just sitting there alone in my room missing the fans and missing my band, so 'Memories' is about getting back in there."

"Getting back in there" meant giving a call to old pal Johnny Knoxville (whom, Cuomo recalled, hung out and played tennis and basketball with the band back in the early '90s) and getting the "Jackass" crew together for a day of skateboarding, rocking out and general backyard debauchery.

Shot on grainy Super 8 cameras, "Memories" has the same kind of kinetic DIY energy as the skate videos these guys probably passed around on VHS in the '80s. That's fitting, seeing as how the site of the video shoot was the same as one of the locations in the legendary skate vid "The Search for Animal Chin," which starred Tony Hawk's Bones Brigade. The clip features Weezer playing next to an empty pool (and, at certain points, inside said pool) while various skateboarders and BMX riders buzz them with turns, flips and tricks.

Since the chorus is such a hands-in-the-air sing-along, it's no wonder that the best parts of the video show the "Jackass" cast — including Knoxville, Wee Man, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and Ryan Dunn — singing along with Cuomo and stealing Brian Bell's guitars.

Even if you don't like Weezer, "Memories" is worth watching, if only because in between scenes of the guys horsing around, there are clips from the upcoming film "Jackass 3-D," which should get fans of wanton violence excited for the magic ahead.

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