Adam Brody Says His Kristen Stewart Comments Were 'Ungentlemanly'

'I sounded like a jackass,' 'The Romantics' actor says of telling KStew to 'quit' the acting business.

It was the comment that launched a thousand hate e-mails and lit up "Twilight" message boards across the World Wide Webs. Previously adored, charming guy-next-door actor Adam Brody backhandedly told Kristen Stewart to "quit" acting if being famous bothered her so much.

The firestorm was sparked by an interview Brody gave on Diablo Cody's online chat show, "Red Band Trailer." When Cody asked Brody whether he enjoyed his celebrity or if he would prefer to be known as just "an actor," referencing Stewart's comments about wanting to be left alone, his response was a bit testy.

"It's only gotten worse, I'm sure, being a celebrity," Brody, who is in the "Scream 4" cast, said. "At the same time, I don't have a lot of patience for people who moan about it too much. Because there are many things you could do. ... It's like, quit ... you don't need to be an actor, so it's like, if it's that much of a problem ... there's the door."

And with that, the hate-on-Adam-Brody campaign began. When MTV News caught up with the man in question to talk about his upcoming ensemble flick "The Romantics," we asked him whether his response might have been taken out of context.

"I, no, I just, I, this is horrible," he started, seemingly uncomfortable addressing the hot-button issue. "It wasn't taken out of context. I saw [the episode] and thought I sounded like an idiot. I did," Brody admitted. "Regardless of how anyone else took anything, I would think that sounds very ungentlemanly and I sounded like a jackass."

A Hollywood actor who publicly acknowledges a gaffe? Well done, Mr. Brody. Points to the former "O.C." star for his honesty!

What do you think of Adam's latest response to the KStew flap? Tell us in the comments!

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