YG Says Ladies Can 'Toot It And Boot It' Too

L.A. rapper looks to capitalize on debut single's success, in Mixtape Daily.

Fire Starter: YG

If you've set foot in L.A. over the last few months, you've definitely heard YG's "Toot It and Boot It." The laid-back, infectious tune is a staple of any SoCal party, and it's starting to gain traction throughout the rest of the country.

So the next question on everyone's minds has to be: What does the phrase "toot it and boot it" mean?

"The song 'Toot It and Boot It' means have fun for one night," YG explained. "Go to Vegas, you meet a girl in the club, tell her what's up, take her back to the hotel, and then you do you-know-what, then after you do that, you kick them out. You got to go. You toot it and boot it. You got to give them the boot, and then it's on with your life."

The song is a new take on the old notion of a one-night stand. YG said the track came together after producer and vocalist Ty$ and a few of his homies invited him to the studio to jump on a track they were working on. And despite the song's seemingly misogynistic overtones, YG insisted "tooting and booting" is an equal-opportunity sport.

"The girls like that song, because they do a lot of tootin' it and bootin' it too, so they feel where I'm coming from," he said.

The rapper hails from L.A. and is signed to Def Jam, a label not traditionally known for signing too many West Coast acts. YG had amassed an impressive following in L.A., thanks to the promotional team he co-created "Pu$haz Ink." He caught Def Jam's attention by pushing his high-energy party music at shows and clubs.

YG's debut album, Fresh on Campus, will definitely have his traditional party vibe. His previous producers handled a majority of the album, and his next single, the suggestive "Patty Cake," is in line with what fans expect from him.

"I wanted to come out with 'Patty Cake,' because 'Toot It and Boot It' is a laid-back song," he said. "I feel all my fans know me as the party dude, like, 'He turnt-up,' so I feel like I've got to come out with something next that's turnt-up."

YG's third single, "Hell Yeah," will have a bit more star power with a potential feature from "Deuces" duo Chris Brown and Tyga. He knew Brown's best friend, Miho, from L.A., and he connected the two artists. Brown was more than happy to jump on the song when YG sent it to him. He was debating adding Tyga, joking that he selfishly may want to be the only one rapping.

Besides his debut release, which is slated for early 2011, YG recently filmed the movie "We the Party," directed by Mario Van Peebles, and he said he's been asked about starring in the Tupac Shakur biopic. YG said he enjoyed his first acting experience and said he might stick with it.

"I really liked it, you feel me?" YG said. "I hear that's where the money at, so I'm finnin' to go get the money."

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