Trey Songz Says 'Unusual' Is All About 'Spontaneity'

'That's pool tables. That's car hoods. That's restaurant bathrooms,' the singer who 'Invented Sex' explains of his latest Drake collabo.

[artist id="1838768"]Trey Songz[/artist] and VMA-nominated Drake have collaborated on numerous tracks, from their early "Replacement Girl" to the over-the-top "I Invented Sex." But their "Successful" probably best captures the two artists' rise to the forefront of their respective genres in the past two years. And the dynamic duo's latest collabo measures up to their typically high standards.

With just days until the release of Songz's fourth studio album, Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Trigger's "Unusual," featuring Drizzy, leaked to the Internet. The R&B star stopped by MTV News this week and spoke about the track.

"The 'usual' is whatever is expected," Songz said. " 'I know you're tired of the usual,' that's what the song is saying, 'I could give you more than the usual,' " he continued, reciting the song's chorus. "The 'unusual' is spoken about all through the record: That's rooftops. That's pool tables. That's car hoods. That's restaurant bathrooms — that's taking it beyond. That's spontaneity."

The duo teamed up with producers Oak (of KnightWritaz) and "Pop" Wansel, who created an upbeat romp for "Unusual." Songz said he wanted take his and Drake's previous track record a step further.

"The thing with Drake and I is, after the last album having a record like 'Invented Sex,' which was such a powerful title and power collaboration for the both of us, I wanted to do something that took it to the next level, and I think this record does that," Songz said.

Given his and Drake's success and how much they've worked together, there has been talk of a collaborative album, but Songz said that probably wouldn't happen anytime soon. The singer explained that when the question was first posed, Drake hadn't even dropped his debut, Thank Me Later. While they're close friends outside of music and will continue to work together, Trey said any project has to be organic.

He also had nothing but high expectations for Drake's upcoming R&B mixtape, though he did offer some advice.

"Drake's a great writer, has a great voice and makes great songs. The advice I would give him in putting that mixtape out is making sure he can perform those songs, because people will want to hear them."

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