'Eclipse' To Be Re-Released Friday For Bella's Birthday

'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' will hit theaters again on September 10.

Didn't get a chance to see "Eclipse" in theaters the first time around? No problem! Summit Entertainment is re-releasing the movie on Friday (September 10) in honor of Bella's birthday, which is on September 13.

"Bella Swan's birthday is on September 13! What are you doing to celebrate?" a message on "The Twilight Saga" official Facebook page reads. "In celebration of Bella's birthday, ECLIPSE will be re-released in theatres nationwide this Friday! It's your last chance to see it on the big screen with your friends."

The film, the third installment in "The Twilight Saga," was originally released last June. It follows the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob as they fend off a group of vampires, led by Victoria, who would like to see Bella out of the picture. In addition to fending off evil vamps, Bella must decide if she wants to stay human and possibly be in a relationship with werewolf Jacob or turn vampire in order to be with her true love, Edward, a choice that Jacob hopes she doesn't make.

"The love triangle is real," Stewart said of the power struggle back in June, just as the film was hitting theaters. "In 'Eclipse', she is just older and a little bit more [wise]. Now you really believe her. It took a while for her to know herself well enough to make a decision."

After the "Twilight" actors wrap up other projects they are working on, they will head back to the set to film the last two movies in the series, "Breaking Dawn" parts one and two, expected for release in 2011 and 2012 respectively. "Dreamgirls" director Bill Condon will helm the final film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling books.

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