Lady Gaga Book Shows Monster Ball Behind The Scenes

Photographer Terry Richardson follows singer everywhere, Gaga tells Vogue Hommes Japan.

Dressing up as her male alter-ego, Jo Calderone, isn't the only surprise [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] has in store for fans in the upcoming issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. The singer, who is decked out in a string of raw meat with an open mouth on an alternate cover of the mag, dished about an upcoming Monster Ball book with photographer Terry Richardson and incorporating her artistic vision with another photographer, Steven Klein, on her "Alejandro" clip.

"He wanted to do a book about the Monster Ball," she says in the magazine, which hit stands Sunday. "He wanted to shoot me backstage, not onstage, and look at who I am offstage. He's on the bus with me. He just follows me everywhere. He'll photograph me when I'm changing — those quick changes during the show. And sometimes I'll have to pee during the show, and I'm always screaming, 'Terry, get out!' "

But Gaga believes that Richardson remains keen on keeping the project full of candid moments, saying, "And he'll be saying, 'It's so beautiful. You're so punk!' If only my fans knew I was peeing in a beer cup backstage."

Whether it's her red-carpet fashion or the outfits donned during her everlasting Monster Ball Tour, the singer has always had an eye for pushing the fashion envelope. Things were no different when she had the opportunity to work on her "Alejandro" video with another critically acclaimed photographer: Steven Klein.

"We are both very strong-willed, and we both have very specific visions," she said. "And I knew his specific vision and he knew mine so that it was like tugging at a rope together."

But Mother Monster has ended up tying what she calls "a beautiful knot" with Klein despite their creative differences.

"I wanted to bring him out of his comfort zone, and he wanted to bring me out of mine," she explained. "I think what made the 'Alejandro' video so successful was getting Steven to look at pop choreography and my aesthetic in putting things that are really interesting of how to sell messages and metaphors into a pop landscape, so it suddenly becomes universal and means something completely different. And him stripping me down, taking off all my makeup, no eyelashes, no liner, saying 'I'm cutting all of your hair off' and not tanned. ... For me, I was hyperventilating, but it did force me to be myself."

Being a pop star who takes her image by the reins only makes Gaga comparable to her idols of earlier decades, she says.

"Everybody knew about it. It wasn't like you had to do the research or pull the references back then. It seemed innately part of who everybody was," she said, comparing herself to pop stars from the '70s. "The art and the fashion and the music world were all intertwined, and I guess that is the world that I live in today just through who I truly am."

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