Chris Brown 'Jumped' On 'Make A Movie,' Twista Says

'It's sexy to the people,' Twista tells MTV News of Perfect Storm single.

[artist id="500934"]Twista[/artist] might be known more for his tongue-twisting rhymes than his sexier fare, but the veteran MC has scored big hits in the past with crooners like Trey Songz and Jamie Foxx.

Now, the Chicago star has recruited [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] for his latest, "Make a Movie," the lead single from his forthcoming effort, The Perfect Storm. He said landing Brown was a matter of mutual respect.

"It was just a groove that I really felt, the whole vibe of the song," Twista told MTV News. "It was something that fit the criteria of what I wanted to come with as far as my next single, as far as me making the sexy jams and being able to come like that. So when I heard the song, I knew it was a jam we could really work with. By the time it came around to get Chris Brown on it, I was like, 'Man, we got to put the homie Chris on it.' "

According to Twista, he and his camp made a few calls to Brown and his representatives to gauge their interest. It didn't take long for Team Breezy to get back to the rapper. And to hear Twista explain it, both sides knew they had something on their hands with "Make a Movie."

"When he heard the song, he immediately jumped on it, as far as the mutual respect he had for me," Twista said. "When I got it back, I listened to it one time, and we knew it was a wrap. We knew we had to roll with it, because it was a jam. It's sexy to the people. Whenever we play it for different people we try to catch a vibe from, they always like it, so I knew it was the one for me."

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