'True Blood' Finale Will Have 'Blood And Bite,' Stars Say

'I'd say it's crazier than last year's finale,' one castmember teases.

There are approximately five days and counting until the third season of HBO's bloody vamp soap "True Blood" comes to a close. And if the last two season finales are any indication, regardless of any spoilers or speculation that pre-empt Sunday's episode, we expect that creator Alan Ball will provide us with enough titillating twists and turns to keep us champing at the bit for season four.

So until this week's inevitable cliffhanger and finale overanalyzing, we bring you a few juicy teaser tidbits straight from the stars themselves.

"I can tell you that there's going to be a lot of blood, a lot of sex, and a lot of people are going to die," Joe Manganiello told MTV News at HBO's Emmy bash last week. "Blah, blah, blah, vampire stuff."

Will his crazy ex-girlfriend, Debbi Pelt, survive the episode? "That would be a good question for Alan [Ball]," Manganiello said. Deftly deflected, Joe.

Fan favorite Nelsan Ellis (a.k.a. Lafayette) agreed about the blood factor. "There's going to be a lot of blood and bite," Ellis said.

"I'd say it's crazier than last year's finale," Jim Parrack (sweet-as-pie Hoyt Fortenberry) added. "Wilder than last year's."

Todd Lowe, who plays PTSD-suffering war vet Terry, shared some insight into what his character will be up to. "You'll probably see some more tears," Lowe revealed. "And we'll see where they're coming from." Arlene? A possible war flashback?

As for Pam, the saucy queen of killer one-liners, actress Kristin Bauer shared that her character will be in the midst of a fight — both physical and emotional. "For Pam, the next two episodes, she's trying — she's in an emotional battle and a physical battle trying to save Eric. It's quite something," she said. "There are some twists and turns that happen. It's really clever."

Marshall Alman's summary wins the award for most succinct tease: "I can tell you that Tommy definitely gives Sam a run for his money."

Meanwhile, Kevin Alejandro wins the award for juiciest tidbit. "You actually find out what kind of person I am," he said of his character, Jesus. "It's good stuff."

Regarding his reaction to finding out his character's new "arc," Alejandro said it was cool. "I've never done anything like it. I kinda knew a little bit about it beforehand, so it's fun," he explained. "[I did] a lot of research to figure out how to go this route, but it's good stuff. I think you'll be really impressed and surprised."

Finally, the award for most vague tease goes to series stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.

"Lots of stuff [happens]!" Paquin exclaimed.

"Some great Eric and Bill moments," Moyer added. "We're not supposed to tell you."

Paquin echoed Moyer's statement, adding that they'd prefer to keep their jobs rather than spoil or reveal any secrets. Good for them; too bad for us.

What do you think will happen in the "True Blood" season finale? Share your theories in the comments!