Justin Bieber 'Will Make You Scream,' Teases New 'CSI' Promo

Commercial shows teen star in jail for his 'CSI' role.

We already know that Justin Bieber will leave his sugary sweet pop image behind to tackle some darker territory when he makes his small-screen acting debut on "CSI" on September 23. But in a new promo for the episode, Bieber will have his fans screaming for an entirely different reason.

Following shots of screaming girls and Bieber in his "Baby" music video, the promo voiceover says, "He's made millions of fans cry tears of joy." Then the tone of the commercial quickly changes to a shot of Bieber behind bars with a guard falling to the ground outside his cell. The commercial continues, "But this fall on 'CSI,' Justin Bieber will make you scream!"

"It seems like I'm this sweet and innocent kid, and then it turns out I'm the mastermind behind everything," Bieber recently told Teen Vogue about his upcoming appearance on the hit CBS procedural.

As for his part in the episode, executive producer Carol Mendelsohn told MTV News recently that Bieber's character, Jason McCann, is certainly a different kind of guy than Justin Bieber.

"He's a troubled young man, raised in the foster-care system, whose hard-luck life has left him scarred and angry," she said. "At the end of the episode, we're left with the question: Is Jason a good kid stuck in a bad situation or is Jason a bad kid hiding behind his cuteness? You can see why Justin was such a perfect choice to play this role. ... It's an explosive story."

In the Teen Vogue article, Bieber went on to say that if given the chance to have anyone play his leading lady in the future, he would love to see one of his good pals in the role. "Selena Gomez. She's a good buddy of mine," he explained. "She's really nice."

Of course, in real life, there are plenty of women who would love the chance to be Bieber's leading lady, and he has some advice for them. "Just talk to me. Ask me how I'm doing. Introduce yourself instead of yelling, 'Justin! Justin! Justin! Can I have a picture?' And don't come up to me while I'm eating," he said. "How would you like it if I came into your house and started taking pictures of you while you were eating? I hate that."