Ol' Dirty Bastard's Son Talks Touring With Wu-Tang Clan

'They the gods and I'm the young god,' Boy Jones says in Mixtape Daily

Fire Starter: Boy Jones

Just looking at 21-year-old Boy Jones, it's clear he's his father's son. Jones wears a T-shirt with an image of his pop, the late great Ol' Dirty Bastard, taking up most of the real estate on the front.

It's late August, the day before the Rock the Bells tour kicked off its four-city run. Jones is in San Bernardino, California, at the NOS Events Center. Snoop Dogg is at one side of the park rehearsing and members of the Wu-Tang Clan are inside at another part. GZA is playing chess, and RZA is onstage, guiding his cousin the Young Dirty Bastard through a Wu classic, "Shame on a N---a." It's a signature song from the Shaolin Swordsmen's 1993 debut LP, on which Dirt McGirt stole the show.

The next night, while the real performance was going, Young Dirty brought high energy for "Shame," and during a tribute to Dirty senior, for which Boy Jones performed "Shimmy Shimmy Ya," the youngster ran out with no shirt and jumped into the audience.

" 'Shimmy Shimmy' with no shirt on? I couldn't help it," Jones said a week later, this time at New York's Governors Island. "It's like a baby running around naked. Once you start, you have to let go of everything. Be a free spirit. Surprise yourself. The fans give you the energy. I'mma get naked regardless."

Sound familiar? Jones — even at a young age — has that unorthodox wisdom his dad was famous for. He also shares the same unpredictable energy and even the same hairstyle. YDB sports the braids sticking straight up in the air like ODB had.

"He looks just like him. Scrappy Doo to the fullest," Raekwon the Chef laughed. "Dirty was Scooby and his son is Scrappy all the way. He looks just like his father. When I tell you he's got his father's style down pat, am I lying? Nope. He's his father to the maximum. When I see him, I see his father."

"I love Boy Jones," Method Man said after the Wu performed at Governors Island. "His grandmother is here, Dirty's mother. I know she's lookin' up and she's proud of him. I'm proud of him, too."

"It feels great," Jones said about performing with his dad's squadron. "It's me. It's his son. A son is like a father, he always gotta do what his father does. He's born in that type of way. It ain't nothing else to it. I got the call from RZA [to go on tour] when I was feeding my babies baby food. 'You going on the tour.' I'm running. I need that bread. Young Dirty Bastard raps hard, too. I ain't doing it for free. I need money and I rap hard.

"They the gods and I'm the young god," Dirty added about what he's learned from traveling and performing with Wu-Tang. "It's like when you go to school for the first time and you're really scared, but you have teachers who really teach you. You can't know anything without somebody giving it to you. They give it to me real. They don't tell it to me fake. I might break a few rules and they put me in check. They teach me. I'm the young god."

Young Dirty is working on his first big mixtape. Besides Meth, Rae and Ghostface, he wants to work with 9th Wonder. Boy is talking to DJ Absolut about hosting the project.

"My music is coming with an Ol' natural style," Jones explained. "Ol' Dirty Bastard had the sh--. I'm just the new sperm of the generation. And you know I'm gonna have it. I'm born with it."

The Streets Is Talking

A few days ago, Raekwon leaked the trailer for the "Ason Jones" video. The Chef said paying tribute to his friend was always in the plans.

"As far as the video is concerned, it's something I wanted to add to the collection of videos I got out there. Dirty is my heart. Same way how everybody got fallen soldiers around them or in their circle that they lost, he is one I really appreciate. At the end of the day, I'm always keeping him right here."

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