'Machete': Everything You Need To Know

Get all of the bloody facts about Robert Rodriguez's action-packed Mexploitation flick!

At long last! "Machete" is here and ready to blow your mind with every minute of its bloody, action-packed, sexy, slice-and-dicey good times. In brief, the story revolves around Machete (Danny Trejo), an ex-Federale who gets caught up in an assassination plot for which he is framed and must seek vengeance.

We've been following this zany, violent, Mexploitation romp since its humble beginnings as a mock trailer attached to 2007's "Grindhouse." To celebrate its long-awaited arrival in theaters on Friday (September 3), here is everything you need to know about "Machete."

In 2007, Robert Rodriguez unleashed the fake trailer in front of "Grindhouse." It was met with raucous applause and fan demands for a full-length feature. The Internet rumor mill kicked into high gear, with rumblings of a direct-to-DVD release. At SXSW, Rodriguez announced his plans to go ahead with the full-blown feature.

In the months that followed, the "Machete" cast was revealed. A script review later popped up online, as did pleas from the future star himself, Danny Trejo, who asked the Weinsteins to put up the cash so that filming could begin.

Ask and ye shall receive! Production began in fall '09, details of which Rodriguez teased at that year's Comic-Con. From that point on, whenever MTV News found ourselves in the presence of one of the film's stellar castmembers, we peppered them for details about the film, which yielded Trejo's comments about his first day on set and a brief exchange with Jessica Alba during which she weighed in on action-movie hero Steven Seagal.

It's worth mentioning that Alba also talked about how she'd be playing identical twins in the film, which somehow was lost in translation and changed at some point during filming, because Alba plays just one role — that of a sexy immigration officer.

In early July, we got our hands and eyes on the first "Machete" trailer which, as we expected, was every bit as gritty and ballsy as Rodriguez's original.

Shortly thereafter, the cast descended upon the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con with a flurry of activities that included a fun-filled panel and a parking-lot party where Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez served up tacos from a truck. Director Rodriguez and Trejo also stopped by our Comic-Con livestream where they praised co-star Lindsay Lohan's performance in "Machete."

Much closer to the film's release, MTV News attended its press day and spoke once again with Rodriguez, Trejo, Alba and (Michelle) Rodriguez. Some of the best discussions to come out of that day centered on the always hot topic of onscreen nudity. First, Rodriguez revealed his tricks of the trade, and then lovely leading ladies Alba and Rodriguez discussed the art of post-production nipple addition.

Finally, we hit up a special screening of the film in downtown L.A., at which the cast and crew arrived in shiny, tricked-out lowriders. There, we learned who each star would want by their side in a "Machete"-style revolution and got well-wishes for their recently released from rehab colleague, Lindsay Lohan.

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