Eminem, Jay-Z Fans Travel Across U.S. For Detroit Concert

'You'll never see anything like it again,' one fan says of hip-hop legends' joint show on Thursday.

Very rarely do two hip-hop titans of Eminem and Jay-Z's caliber team up to mount a series of stadium shows for their legions of rabid fans. Still, it's astonishing to see the lengths that Shady and Hov heads would go to see the pair onstage. Their fans crisscrossed the country to see the duo light up the stage at Comerica Park in Em's hometown of Detroit. The Thursday (September 2) event is the first stop on the duo's Home and Home Tour and their followers showed major support, braving a possible downpour and donning Jay and Em memorabilia.

"We're all psyched," said one fan who had rolled to the concert with three other homies. "How many times do you get to see Eminem play in his [hometown of] Detroit?" The fan, sporting a Jigga/Eminem T-shirt, added that the outing was really special because it was the first live show he'd attended. "The fact that it's Eminem and Jay-Z just helps a lot."

Kipper revealed that he and his buddy J.T. traveled from Green Bay, Wisconsin, to take in the show. "I ... came down to [see] something different, something big. This is the biggest concert of the year," he marveled. "You'll never see anything like it again."

Two of the rappers' most dedicated fans not only crossed state lines to catch the Comerica show but even employed their passports, trekking from Ottawa, Canada, for the collabo concert.

"I really hope Eminem plays 'Going Through Changes' [from Recovery]. I really like that song," said Karen who, along with her friend, had fashioned homemade tees emblazoned with lyrics from The Eminem Show's "Superman" and two Jay-Z's smashes, "Run This Town" and "99 Problems."

Another fan, Jay, who traveled from Pittsburgh, was happy that Em was giving back to his hometown in the form of a major musical event.

"He should show the love from where he came from. They helped him to get where he's at. The least [he] could do is put on a big-bang show for 'em [and] show some respect," he said. He added that he was checking out the show to see some of the game's most talented MCs show their skills. "I mean, the best two lyricists to ever do it [are performing]. So, I'm trying to come and get some knowledge real quick."

Not even bad weather could stop fans from seeing the Grammy-winning legends hit the stage. "I'm just so pumped to see it," "D" said. "I'll see it in the rain, I don't care."

One concertgoer, who donned a tank top that read "#1 Fan," had a personal message for Shady: "Eminem if you ever see this, my name is Lindsay and I go to Michigan State and you should totally call me."

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